Process Equipment / Explosion Protection Systems


If quality and unbeatable efficiency are your top priorities, CPM has what you need for: grinding, size reduction, pelleting, cooling and more.

Renewable energy starts here

Innovative engineering and design combined with the latest manufacturing technology makes CPM your true renewable energy partner. As the world's largest pellet mill supplier and manufacturer, CPM has led the way in developing specialized pellet mills and dies to produce biomass pellets efficiently and economically. Our equipment is built to operate 24 hours a day under tough running conditions to match your output requirements.

More than 60 years of animal feed experience and excellence

CPM has your complete solution for animal feed production. We offer the lowest operating cost solutions for grinding, conditioning, pelleting and cooling. Combined with Beta Raven scales and automation, we help you get the most from your feed mill. Thanks to decades of industry experience, we are able to design a comprehensive solution based on your unique ingredients and production requirements.

The industry standard for ethanol production

CPM has partnered with the ethanol industry from the start. Since the, Champion hammermills have become the standard in the dry-grind ethanol industry. Our wide variety of sizes and hammer tip speeds allow us to provide the best hammermill to meet your size reduction and grinding requirements. Our years of applications expertise are unparalleled and will help ensure your operation is matched with the most efficient grinding system available.

IEP Technologies Explosion Suppression Systems

IEP technologies is a worldwide leading provider of explosion protection systems and services. For over 60 years we have provided protection solutions that can suppress, isolate and vent combustible dust or vapor explosions in process industries.

Explosion Suppresion

Dust explosion accidents around the world kill hundreds and cause billions of dollars in damages each year. However, these dust explosion accidents can be controlled and thereby limit the potential for serious injuries or death, while reducing the damage to expensive process equipment.

Dust explosions happen during the conveying, processing, pulverizing and storage of a wide range of materials. Materials such as Aluminum, Cellulose, Charcoal, Corn, Floor, Fungicides, Grain, Milk Powders, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Resin, Starch, Sugar and others, under the right conditions, can and will explode. To prevent or mitigate a hazardous condition from becoming an explosive event, IEP Technologies provides a wide range of systems like a dust collector protection system. In a typical Dust Collector application an explosion venting system would contain the following basic components: Explosion Relief Vent Panel, Pressure Detector, Single Zone Control Panel, Isolation Extinguisher and a Rotary Gate Valve.

Isolation & Venting

The Chemical Type Isolation method discharges an explosion suppressant into the duct work to suppress the fireball and prevent it from reaching other plant areas or equipment.

The Mechanical Type Isolation method produces the same results by triggering the release of a high speed knife valve that forms a mechanical barrier in the pipeline.

Both chemical and mechanical isolation is used to help prevent explosions from propagating to unprotected areas. Often combined for detonation containment, these systems are particularly suited to curtailing flame spread in support of explosion vents.


An IEP Technologies Explosion Vent is a relief device that is designed to rupture at a predetermined pressure to allow the fireball and explosive pressure to vent into a safe area.

Economical to install, these highly efficient vents fit into the walls of a process volume. They are available in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials to ensure fast, reliable operation in an explosion situation. Typically, vents are installed in conjunction with a IEP Technologies Isolation System.