Rugged, Adaptable, Easy to Use

The Nordstrong DS Railcar Indexer uses a single operator while moving railcars faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Designed to work as an alternative to our Nordstrong Railcar Progressioner, our indexer moves cars using a shuttle with retractable arms. Hydraulics move the arms and the shuttle.

Sensors at each end of the track limit over-travel so you can operate the system without worry, whether it's from a remote pendant or an operator's booth.

Only 2-3 car lengths are required for compact installation with a shuttle track that can be lag-bolted to the ties. You can handle up to 20 cars with a system of 2 winches, a 40hp hydraulic power unit, 150 feet of track, the shuttle car, electric control system, bend sheaves, cables and hoses.

Operating at a speed of 20-40 fpm, the shuttle's capacity is governed by the maximum force which can be applied to a sideframe without lifting it off the rails (full car; approx. 80,000 lbs).

Options include: hydraulic hose reels, electrical cable reels, hydraulic or pneumatic gate openers.

For assistance in determining the correct equipment for your needs, please contact a Nordstrong technical sales representative for your next project.

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