Innovators in Bulk Material Handling

With over a century of experience in designing, engineering, and building, we have a strong history of supporting bulk material handling industries locally and abroad. We provide our customers with robust, high quality bulk material handling equipment in the agri-business and industrial markets.

In the manufacturing world, your business is expected to conform to industry norms. Your equipment and your standards are required to fit and form to the conventional guidelines.

At Nordstrong, we push the envelope on conventional. We find solutions to your material handling problems, and then build our products to fit your needs. We pride ourselves as industry leaders in the custom design and manufacture of superior bulk material handling equipment. We differentiate ourselves with a proven commitment to quality, problem solving, and service.

We work for you, not against you, to accomplish your projects and allow you to operate your company more profitably and efficiently. We not only supply equipment, we build relationships. No matter where you are or what your needs may be, Nordstrong has a solution for you.

Bulk Material Handling Capabilities

As one of North America’s largest conveyor manufacturing companies, Nordstrong custom designs and manufactures conveyor systems along with a full line of hoisting equipment, and a professionally engineered line of products for the entire scope of bulk materials. We are located across North America and operate two manufacturing facilities. We are proud to have conceptualized and completed projects across the globe.

Our manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba opened in 1967. The facility employs over 50 highly skilled workers and covers 59,400 sq ft. We are one of the only Winnipeg based Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) robotic welding certified companies.

Our facility in Cannington, Ontario expands across 83,300 sq ft. and has 38 expertly skilled workers. Our shop is fully capable of forming, fabricating, welding, painting, and assembling for your bulk material handling needs.

A History in Bulk Material Handling

Nordstrong has been providing bulk material handling solutions since 1909 when the Canadian rights to the Strong-Scott Manufacturing name were sold. Strong Scott Mfg. Co. evolved into Sullivan Strong Scott, then in 1998 a change of ownership resulted in a name change to Strongco Engineered Systems.

In 1950, recently immigrated Steve Seniuk founded Seniuk’s Blacksmithing in Winnipeg, Manitoba which became SS Manufacturing Ltd. in 1952.

The first product line of “P” series underbody hydraulic truck hoists (used mainly under farm truck bodies) began manufacturing in 1966. Design and manufacture of bulk material handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, and other material handling products for the commercial grain industries started in the mid-1970s.

Wanting to relate more closely to the “Nordic” trade name and help identify products in the marketplace, SS Manufacturing Ltd. changed its name to Nord-Sen Metal Industries Ltd. The company continued to grow into the early 1980s, adding administrative staff, engineering personnel, and skilled trades people. In Canada, the company became one of the largest suppliers of bulk material handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, belt conveyors, railcar movers, and other associated equipment.

Nord-Sen joined Canerector in 2003, joining their other companies that focus on different facets of steel production design, fabrication, and erection.

Strongco and Nord-Sen merged in 2009 to become Nordstrong. Today, Nordstrong stretches across North America, employing hundreds and customizing bulk material handling equipment for some of the continent’s largest companies.

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